Charles X is a 24 year old Los Angeles native who has just broken into the international spotlight by completing his first European tour (Comedy Club in Paris, Sakifo Music Festival in La Reunion, Les Invites De Vileurbannes..etc).

Teamed up with Indie label, Tentacule Records and publishing from Alter-K, X is ready to make his footprints in the world. Known for his showman skills and soulful, old school style, X captivates his crowd and always leaves them wanting more.

Influenced by Motown, Nas or The Roots, Charles X’s music blends hip hop, jazz, soul, and rock, cleverly appropriating genres with continuous creativity. Crooner and songwriter, Charles X alternates sharp phrasing and luminous melodic arrangements, creating a music that is concise and effective.

Produced by beatmaker Redrum and mastered by Dave Cooley (Dam Funk, J Dilla, Madlib) his debut LP, ‘The Revolution… And The Day After” is a killer, for fans of Kendrick Lamar, Franck Ocean, the Roots or D’Angelo. Don’t miss the date of its release: March 13th!


On an interview he gave to Tentacule Records he answered the question “What do you like about music?” by:

Refer to Question 6 lol.

[6. REDRUM how did you meet? Soundcloud, I heard one of his beats and instantly dug his style. I have grown even more found of his beats as the time has grown and I’ve heard more lol Go Redrum!]

Also the instruments and the soul of his beats. Just when you think you’ve heard the full build up of the beat, he shocks you and makes it cry. He doesn’t realize he has written all of the songs we have done together lol.

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You can now listen his new single from his new album “The Letter” on Soundcloud