Faithful to its roots but open to new adventures, Celtic Social Club’s music is a celebratory mash-up without borders.

In just three years — with a first concert in front of 50,000 spectators at the Vieilles Charrues music festival (France), two CDs, and a European tour — the Celtic Social Club has made its grand entrance onto the world music scene.

Striking a perfect and energetic balance between tradition, rock, music, reggae, dubstep, and hip-hop, their repertoire is a fresh take on ancient Celtic melodies from Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, and Asturias.

Based on the same concept as the Buena Vista Social Club and the New Orleans Social Club, the group was created by drummer and producer Manu Masko, who had planned for Celtic Social Club to just be a “one shot” production for its inaugural concert. Comprised of Scottish singer, Jimme O’Neill (The Silencers), traditional Breton music virtuosos, Ronan Le Bars (Uilleann Pipe) and Pierre Stephan (Violin), Richard Puaud on the base, Mathieu Péquériau on the harmonica, Goulven Hamel on the banjo, mandoline, and guests Winston McAnuff, I.C. Will, Colline Hill, and Louise Ebrel, the group came out with an unprecedented album that is as modern as it is roots.

Like the Pogues in their prime, this was a true undertaking that brought Celtic music to the 21st century, trying to avoid clichées and steryotypes in the process. In front of an enthusiastic crowd of spectators and a warm welcome from music professionals, the Celtic Social Club went on a 50 date tour in 2015 across France,USA, Germany, China, Algeria Switzerland…



9/6 @ Iron Work – Buffalo, NY
9/7 @ Historic German House – Rochester, NY
9/9 @ Norwood Theatre – Norwood, MA
9/10 @ Drom – New York, NY