Cassius are a French duo whose real names are Phillipe Zdar and Hubert Blanc-Francart.
Together they have recorded as Boombass and La Funk Mob, releasing singles on the ultra-hip French label, Source. Boombass grew up on the west side of Paris. His father was a top Parisian record producer, so it was natural Hubert would want to follow in his footsteps.

By 1991 he had become a producer, was known as Boombass, and was working on MC Solaar’s first album. Philippe grew up in the Alps, where he still returns every year to ski. He landed a job assisting Hubert’s father and studied to become a studio engineer. He met Boombass in 1988.

The pair were both obsessed with hip hop, disgracefully fashion conscious and both fascinated by cool American films. A ten year friendship was struck. Phillippe became Hubert’s engineer and a couple of years later they were production partners. In between producing three hugely successful French albums for MC Solaar, including the minor UK hit “Bouge De La”, they developed the abstract, proto trip-hop grooves of La Funk Mob.

Together their Pansoul album remains one of the benchmarks of French house music’s dynamic first wave. Philippe talked Hubert into making a house track as a laugh. The resultant slice of squelchy tech-disco became a standard for ever DJ from Andy Weatherall to Harvey. Hubert started to realize house music wasn’t so bad after all. Cassius was born.

Their ‘I Love U So’ single have more than 6.5 Millions views on Youtube (released 7 years ago).

Recently, they released their last single ‘Rock Non Stop’, on May 2019.

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