Between the shadow and the light, he is at the heart of the last two musical revolutions.

Hubert Blanc-Francard, alias BoomBass, has lived from the inside since the beginning of the emergence of hip-hop and electronic music in our country, but also its international but also its international influence, the famous “French Touch”. 

This child of the ball – his father is the renowned sound engineer Dominique Blanc-Francard

(Serge Gainsbourg, Julien Clerc…) – starts as artistic director at Polydor in the late 80’s, but

at the end of the 80’s, but he passes very quickly to the other side of the barrier.

While he was already working on the first samplers, Hubert met Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi in the studio. Cerboneschi, assistant of his father, who becomes his friend. The two accomplices participate in the fantastic ride of a certain Mc Solaar. Zdar behind the console and BoomBass at the production. It is him who signs in particular the famous hits “Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo ” or “Nouveau Western”. Launched, the tandem multiplies. It is the birth of a first instrumental hip-hop project under the pseudo La Funk Mob published by the mythical English label Mo’ Wax which allows them to radiate beyond our borders since 1994. But the time has come for more lively rhythms. The house made in France overturns everything in its path, Daft Punk shows the end of its head, Philippe and Hubert reinvented themselves as Cassius. Over the years, the hits follow one another (“Cassius 99”, “La Mouche”, “Feeling for you”, “Toop Toop”, “I >3 U SO”) and their performances in DJ set leads them to the four corners of the planet from New York to Ibiza through Australia. They are among the heroes of this famous French touch. Cassius, it is five albums where house music meets pop, rap or soul. The work of a duo that we think inseparable. Alas, life, often bitchy, decided otherwise. In June 2019, the day before the day before the release of Dreems, their ultimate record, Philippe disappears tragically.

One year later, BoomBass is reborn with the well named EP “Le Virage”, between Gainsbourg and Acid-House. In 2021, BoomBass published “BoomBass, une histoire de la French Touch”, a story from the inside of the legendary history of the French Touch to more than 10,000 copies, which continues to mark the generations.

Back to the roots in early 2023 with a new musical project “WWWIPE OUT”.

A sampler, beats, samples and one or two keyboards maximum for the chords or the melodies give birth to 7 tracks inspired by the Drum&Bass and Jungle of England, superbly

welcomed by the press. The new departure of a unique artist who carries in him the saving force of the saving power of music. Because it is music.