Bernard Fèvre is not a legend from the past he is a pioneer of the music of tomorrow“. Better known as Black Devil Disco Club, Bernard Fèvre was a French Italo disco pioneer during the 70’s. His 1978 LP ‘Disco Club’, “a lost classic of Italo disco” according to Fact Magazine, was reissued in 2014 by Aphex Twin‘s Rephlex label.

A trio of his early albums will be reissued in May by Lo Recordings and Sound Obsession in the UK, by Alter-K in France and by Anthology Recordings in the US. ‘Suspense’ (Bernard Fevre, 1975) ‘Cosmos 2043’ (Bernard Fevre, 1977) and ‘Disco Club’ (Black Devil, 1978) form a cosmic trilogy that has never been equaled. Classic in conception, futuristic in tone and faultless in execution, these albums have not merely stood the test of time they have re-shaped it.

Bernard Fevre - Cosmos 2043

The French musician says this will be the first time Disco Club has been reissued in “its original, complete sequence.

The idea of highlighting these discs, and for the first time in their original format, is very dear to me,” says Fèvre. “I hope they show that I have been an originator not an imitator although at the time they were made I never considered myself futuristic or revolutionary.


Black Devil Disco Club is still producing new gems and touring worldwide in the clubs and festivals.

You can discover the tracklist of his three albums on Resident Advisor.

Wanna know more about Italo Disco? Pitchfork made a whole article about it, calling it “the most amazingly uncool genre ever created” and explaining “how its absurd chintziness still inspires electronic artists around the globe.”

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