He is the chosen one. The phenomenon. The One. Call him what you will, in your favorite language. Every decade gives birth to a pure and raw talent: Benjamin Epps, carried by his project Benjamin Est Le Futur, is the revelation of the end of 2020. He has something else. Benjamin Epps doesn’t rap to get likes and views. The main objective of Benjamin est Le Futur is to first prove that he can rap and secondly that he is on his way to becoming the best French rapper. Simply put: a competitive rapper who wants to rap. Yes, because Benjamin Epps is only 24 years old, with more than ten years of rap in his legs.


A clear and high voice directly recognizable, a bluffing technical ease, a flexible flow with rhymes which fuse without falling into the cliché of the machine to rap, here is what defines the rap of Benjamin Epps, rapper native of Libreville in Gabon. After the release of the first two EPs “Le Futur” and “Fantome avec Chauffeur”, Benjamin Epps is back with a 3rd project, determined to show on the throne.