Tigers didn’t raise him but he bears all the mysteries of the wild world inside of him. Unknown just a few months ago, he appeared just like a storm in the desert. His naivety is not dry. He creates his music compulsively and sincerely. His beats can make an oasis appear in the middle of the Sahara. This shaman has seduced the electro jungle, from Sinden to SP Thermal Team and Modeselektor. He drops tracks like spells and captivates everyone, including you.

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CENTRUM (2015 on 50Weapons)

bambounou album

After leaving both critics and the dancefloor in awe with his 2012 debut album “Orbiting”, Jeremy Guindo aka Bambounoureturns to 50WEAPONS in full length with “CENTRUM“.

While his debut album painted a futuristic extraterrestrial picture, Guindo now tries to explore what the future would look like on earth: “For CENTRUM, the concept is a little bit different, it’s back on earth, still in the future and it’s not so bright. Have you seen Akira or read Dune or even Foundation? It’s this kind of vibe for me”, he states.

“CENTRUM” might not be a record for the club that is stuffed with bangers from start to finish, although skilled DJs are offered a lot of music to sink their teeth into. Surely, this one will put Bambounou on the map of more mature Techno listeners, while at the same time fans of “Orbiting” will not be disappointed.

“Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski has been a bit of a Renaissance man figure in Paris’s ever-bustling dance music scene.” – RESIDENT ADVISOR