Aufgang was born from the successful alliance of two strong personalities, two opinionated panthers whose partnership has allowed them to reach a perfect balance. Songwriter and pianist Rami Khalife transcends both the traditional training he received as a student at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York and his Eastern roots – he grew up in a family of musicians and his father is a major artist in the Arab world. Drummer and producer Aymeric Westrich is an adept of DIY culture and brings along his knowledge of urban and electronic cultures, which he developed alongside artists such as Kery James, Cassius and Phoenix to name but a few.

After doing research and lab work for a year in studios in Paris, Beyrouth and New York, the duo is back with a feast of new and eclectic sounds. Just like great chefs would, Aymeric and Rami have looked for inspiration in various artistic trends such as the disco sound of legendary Larry Levan or the poetry of Oum Kalthoum. Aufgang are free independent spirits whose tunes are each built on a script inspired by their cosmopolitan lives, in reaction to the frenzy of big cities, as if they wanted to prevent the latter from eating their freedom away.

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