Formed on February 9th (aka Holy Apolline’s Day) following an almost telepathic jam session that gave birth to the first songs, which became the basis of a repertoire that now contains over twenty titles, all bound to solid seventies and progressive foundations (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd). With their debut EP, l’Accidentelle, Apolline was quickly signed in June 2012 with the rock label M & O music, which also works with the group Lys, produced by Steve Hewitt.

Their first album came out in spring 2013 under the title ‘No longer Rain’, referring to the esoteric object represented on the cover, which insiders suggest has the power to change the conditions in the atmosphere. For lack of influencing the weather, Apolline dedicated itself to matter on the musical trend seeking the fusion between indie rock and muscled pop. The chemistry gave birth to a broad and penetrating sound, marked by powerful guitar riffs intertwined with harmonic lines whose finesse and originality springs without emphasis, renewing the pleasure of the audience over time. In eleven tracks alternating rock uppercuts (Fire In The Hole, Bodyback, Idiot…) stadium anthems (Puck, Shook Up, You Sexy Knows…) and dark ballads (L’Accidentelle, Vagary Hills, Mermaid in a bathtub…) Apolline shows all the creativity and versatility of a talent served by engaging and high level musicians.

In the US, Apolline performed in New York City from October 15th to 21th 2013 for three gigs: Parkside Lounge (Lower East Side), Nublu (East Village), and Gussy’s (Brooklyn) during the CMJ Marathon festival. In 2014, the band signed with the tour manager 106db Production, and was scheduled to many summer festivals. They return in October 2014 to the CMJ Marathon in NY.


US Tour Dates

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