Alba Lua, dawn and the moon. To answer to the easy punchlines on shadow and light, the four rockers from Bordeaux prefer chiaroscuro, officer in the free zone, far away from the famous rock stage of Bordeaux between scathing riffs and sweet melodies. Lover licked harmonies of Brian Wilson and Ennio Morricone soundtrack, Alba Lua does not lend itself to the tag game. Do not see false modesty, but rather the puzzle of young artists who do not care as long as they stroll in the melodies.

As the title of their debut album suggests, Alba Lua lives its own seasons between fifties rock, pop dream, garage rock rips and psych-folk ramblings. Certainly without frame. Revelation rock 2013, already shows the major international festivals.

“They sound something like Syd Barrett soundtracking a spaghetti western, i.e. eccentric, reverb-heavy, dreamy pop music” -VICE

“Guitar twangs are as weatherbeaten and downcast as those of Weird Dreams, Girls Names, or Real Estate, though there’s a neat trick in the chord progression that turns what appears to be a jolly refrain into something more bittersweet” -PITCHFORK

“They have shown a serious early grasp of a very American sort of soft, distant, pensive guitar twinkle. Their new single “When I’m Roaming Free” positively radiates warmth” -STEREOGUM