In just three years, the Italian-Belgian duo have established themselves as extraordinary DJs, remixers du jour – with their spacious cosmic-disco re-redubs of Grace Jones (William’s Blood), Friendly Fires (Paris) and Sebastien Tellier (Kilometer) – and, via their own piano-sprinkled melancholic beauties like Caramellas, have become leaders of the nu-disco and Balearica scene. Recorded in Toulouse, Paris, London and Los Angeles, Aeroplane’s debut album “We Can’t Fly” (coproduced by Bertrand Burgalat), is an assured and accomplished record that showcases not just a passion for stately, soulful disco and early 80s electronica, but a set of influences that stretch from Abba and film soundtracks to Floyd, the Stones and the Italian crooners that Vito Deluca’s mama played him in his Brussels youth.

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