Following the release of his new EP ‘ElectroChipDiscoPop’, 2080 now stands as a key figure of french independent electronic music. This record was entirely financed with a successful Kickstarter campaign (more than €20 000 and substential media/web/partners supports) and it comes with great featurings: the very famous The Toxic Avenger and the prolific japanese artist Julie Watai appear on two tracks, and Olivier Daxman (Dax Riders) handled a great part of the production along with 2080.

Always looking towards Japan, where he already toured 3 times, 2080 likes to combine his chip tune and pop oriented electronic music with strong visual proposals. Doing so, he succeeds in mixing music and digital arts. Motion Designer and influent Pixel Artist, we also know him as a hardcore video games fan. We remember his music video ‘My Megadrive’ (+500 000 views across all platforms combined), his Vjing performance for the french dDamage, his live concerts in the online game Minecraft, and many other collaborations with Red Bull and video games OST, some of them to be released in 2015.

2080 also works along with media like the french NoLife channel (for which he creates end credits, Pixel Art designs and also spécial tracks as ‘She Likes to Play’), the remarkable magazine RockyRama (for whick he created a special track available on vinyl with the very first issues of the magazine) or Red Bull for which he worked on a soundtrack. These collaborations get 2080 an additional support from a community which is as curious as eager for novelties. 2015/2017 will be a great for 2080’s artistic trajectory.

A new live setup, some music videos namely one that is being created using the software that was developed by the great Eric Chahi for the game Another World (displayed at NY’s Museum Of Modern Art), many other collaborations, the artistic direction for a compilation to be released on the French label DaiPop, and last but not least 2080’s 1st LP. Stay Tuned.

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