Charline Mignot was born Franco-Swiss at the dawn of the 90’s. From childhood, this young woman developed a very personal point of view to explain and understand the world around her. The result is a burning desire to express herself, which lead her naturally to photography.

She moved to Lyon to continue her studies. Her culture of aesthetics of her photographic work brought her closer to the world of fashion, and her appetite for pushing her limits lead her to write the lyrics of a song, which she wanted to use as the music for one of her photoshoots; thus the track «Est-ce que tu t’en souviens» was created.

The characteristic style of the artist is already strongly felt and was identified by her label, Profil de Face. This meeting of artist & artistic direction gave a completely different twist to the project, which from there took on the name of Vendredi Sur Mer (Or VSM for short).

In 2016, the second single La femme à la peau bleue was released. This was produced by the talented Lewis OfMan, who imposes his unique sound, and helps to create a real momentum and public visibility to the project Vendredi sur Mer. The brand Sonia Rykiel used this song for the soundtrack to their iconic Spring/Summer 2017 which acted as a tribute show to the fashion house’s creator. It has also been championed on Radio Nova, entering into its regular playlist rotations; as well as appearing on other French stations.

Having released three titles in three years, the craze around his project continues to grow. Vendredi sur Mer released her first EP of six tracks entitled : «Marée Basse.» (Which translates to «Low Tide.») Lewis OfMan provided the production; inspired by Gainsbourg, Daho, and even the French rap with texts (Orelsan, Nekfeu). This first EP highlights the desire to tell stories through her music.

VSM is currently writing her first album, projected to be released in 2019.


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