Yael Shoshana Cohen didn’t even know her future bandmate, Gil Landau when she turned up at his birthday in Tel Aviv. But their connection was magnetic. From the corner of the room, Yael watched as Gil picked up a stray guitar and began playing. She joined him, nervously layered her softly spoken vocals over Gil’s plucked melodies of “Jolene,” and like that, Lola Marsh began.

At the start of 2016, the young duo self-released “You’re Mine,” an impressive debut EP that cemented Lola Marsh as collaborators of magnetic, thoughtful indie-pop. Their distinctive sound resulted in a quickrise, first online and then in person, with performances bringing the band to Europe and North America.

They followed with their debut record, “Remember Roses,” in the summer of 2017 – an effervescent collection of songs that boast a stunning juxtaposition of wistfulness and melancholy, set against an eccentrically offbeat pop backdrop. The record conjures up imagery of pastel skies and carefree summer days; and seeks to find beauty in even the most softly spoken and mundane moments of everyday life.

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3/4 @ Sofar Sounds – New York, NY

3/6 @ Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY

3/7 @ Rock N’ Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

3/8 @ Aisle 5 @ Atlanta, GA

3/9 @ Savannah  Stopover Music Festival – Savannah, GA

3/13 Rosquatch Showcase @ The Blackheart – Austin, TX

3/14 Twix House of Duos @ Lustre Pearl – Austin, TX

3/15 France Rocks/BureauExport Showcase @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop – Austin, TX

3/15 @ Cirrus Logic’s office – Austin, TX

3/16 Best Lil’ Big Fest @ Tiniest Bar in Texas – Austin, TX

3/17 @ International Day Stage Austin Convention Center | 1PM

3/17 Rosquatch Day Party @ Swan Dive – Austin, TX

3/21 @ Treefort Music Festival – Boise, ID

3/22 @ Resident – Los Angeles, CA

3/23 @ The Goodland Hotel – Santa Barbara, CA